Exceptions: Barr Trail Lot and 400 blocks of Euston and Winter paid parking & 100-300 blocks of Ruxton Residential Parking Only!

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, parking in downtown Manitou Springs will be free until Thursday, April 30th (No refunds on fees in lots or on-street prior to this announcement).

The City of Manitou Springs and the Metro District has instituted free parking effective Sunday, March 22nd, for much of the parking system — with some exceptions (Barr Trail Parking Lot and 400 block on Euston and Winter. 100-300 blocks of Ruxton Residential Parking only).

The move comes as several downtown businesses have changed how they operate in response to the outbreak, and as health officials encourage “social distancing” — keeping away from other people — to slow the spread of the virus. That includes encouraging people to work from home.

SP+’s current plan is to forgo collecting hourly fees at on-street parking areas and public lots. This includes the Wichita and Smischny lots which are owned by the Metro District. Residential Permit Parking (RPP) areas will still be enforced at this time. Also, the Barr Trail Lot, 400 blocks of Euston and Winter will remain paid parking and 100-300 blocks of Ruxton Avenue will be residential parking only to assist with traffic control.

The decision to not charge hourly off-street and on-street parking customers is directly aimed at helping stop COVID-19 by eliminating cashier and kiosk interactions with customers.

Manitou Springs parking operator, SP+, is still expected to have staff on-site to address basic operational, safety and maintenance needs, and the city is asking visitors and residents to continue to follow parking restrictions and signs on-street and in lots.

While there’s an abundance of free parking now, for those who opt to park at the Barr Trail Parking Lot, Euston or Winter, the city is still enforcing meter regulations and charging appropriate fees in these areas.

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Help stop coronavirus

  • HANDS Wash them often
  • ELBOW Cough into it
  • FACE Don’t touch it
  • FEET Stay more than 6ft apart
  • FEEL sick? Stay home